The 2020s have been a time filled with stress (so far…) but now that traveling is encouraged once again, here are the top five most popular spas to visit!

Eau Palm Beach in Florida takes the number five spot on the list. It’s an independent luxury resort where guests can enjoy fine dining, private garden villas, a DIY scrub and polish bar, and MORE! Expect to spend anywhere from $600 to $800 dollars for a one night stay.

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Greece is the number four on the list! This resort is absolutely gorgeous! Guests can enjoy breathtaking views from one of their 28 suites and villas, angled to catch the best views of sunsets over the water. There’s also a grand spa staffed with medical professionals and yoga instructors! For one night, you’ll pay anywhere from $980 to $1,300.

Coworth Park is the best place to go for those who love the countryside! Enjoy fine dining, polo, a luxury spa, horseback riding, and being surrounded by beautiful flowers! The entire property is filled with flowers! Expect to spend anywhere from $690 to $1,000 for one night.

The second spa on the list is Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. This five star resort is home to amazing thermal baths and a number of cosmetic surgeries and self care! Could you imagine getting hair AND dental work at the SAME PLACE?? That’s insane! Plus the resort itself is gorgeous! You’ll be lucky to spend $700 just to get in.

Lastly, Chiva-Som is a spa resort endorsed by countless celebrities. Located in Thailand, Chiva-Som is home to over 200 spa and wellness options for your relaxation! Enjoy afternoon tea, yoga, orchid lounges, and more! The scenery for this one has to be my favorite. I would LOVE to go here someday and others online agree!

If you’re interested in learning more, click here to visit my works cited page for this blog post. I looked through multiple lists to find which spas are the most popular. I’ve been very into skin care and health for the past couple of years, so going to a grand spa is on my bucket list! Would you like to go to a spa? Have you been to one? Let me know!