Let your inner beauty shine!

Welcome to the Magical Beauty Blog! This section of Royal at Heart is dedicated to helping you feel as beautiful on the outside as you should on the inside. While true beauty comes from within, outer beauty can help you feel more confident! <3

Looking for some summer skincare tips? Here is a video I made about the top 5 skincare trends this summer! I looked through sooooo many articles and social media posts to find what’s trending right now, so I hope you find something new to try! 🙂 Click on the bubble to learn more!


Find out where I bought some of the outfits I wear in my TikToks! <3

I’ll continue updating this blog as I make more fashion videos.

Looking for the BEST spas to visit? Here’s a list of the TOP 5 best spas to visit this year (or… any year!) I’ve been obsessed with spas lately, so I’ve done some research and have found the most mentioned spas in every recommendation list and article I’ve read. Click on the bubble to learn more.