Call me Hope!

I’m a student and content creator who loves

all things girly! My hobbies include reading, writing,

painting, skin care, video editing, and taking care of my

many, MANY pets! <3

I’ve always admired princesses for their inner strength

and beauty. I think the world would be a much kinder

place if we applied princess lessons into our everyday lives.

My Favorite Princess?

Hmm… a very hard question for sure! Growing up, I loved Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Mulan, and Barbie as the Island Princess. I still love all of those, but I’m very obsessed with Anastasia (mainly the musical) and Cure Flora from Go Princess Precure! Sailor Moon is also an honorary princess to me, although she’s more-so considered a magical girl.

Future Plans

As stated, I’m currently in my 3rd year of university, so I’m nearing the end of my academic journey. During the start of the 2020 pandemic, I started uploading TikTok’s regularly and gained a nice following! It’s through TikTok that I’ve had the confidence to pursue social media as a part time job while I finish my degree. I love making video essays on YouTube and making shorter (but still cute) content on TikTok and Instagram about the things I love! I hope to stay active online as I continue my journey through young adulthood! 🙂