Two voices, one song <3

Once upon a time, two friends named Alexa (Teresa) and Liana (Barbie) lived in a small cottage, selling flowers and singing songs as they barely scraped by. Despite having so little, Liana is still willing to help an old lady by giving her the last bit of food she had. In return, she was gifted an old mirror. After some clean up, the girls discover the mirror can talk!

A long time ago, a group of musicians called “The Muses” lived in the Diamond Castle and Melody was their apprentice. However, when one of the Muses turned evil, the remaining members were turned into stone and Melody sealed herself into the mirror to hide from Lydia (the evil Muse). Melody tells the girls that Lydia can be defeated if they play the Muses’ instruments… and so the magical journey begins!

Puppies are found, songs are sung, friendships are tested, princes are met, and the Muses are saved! Very simple story.

This was one of my favorite movies growing up. I still have my Liana doll! The plot is simple, but the friendship between the two leads and the music more than make up for the basic story. “Connected”, “Two Voices, One Song”, and “We’re Gonna Find It” are all catchy tunes.

For 2008, Barbie’s thirteenth CG film looks good! It’s not theatrical quality, but it’s always neat to see how Barbie movies visually improve with every entry.

Most Barbie movies have great morals about friendship, forgiveness, and love- but Diamond Castle has one of the best lead dynamics in the BCU. I really believe that Liana and Alexa care for each other. They are goals. <3