“I will be carried by my dreams ’cause hope has wings!”

Did you know Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) sings the main song of this film??? As both a Barbie and Marvel fan, that is very iconic to me. <3

In Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, Princess Annika sneaks out of the castle to go ice skating with her polar bear cub Shiver. This lands her into a world of trouble as she’s discovered by the powerful sorcerer Wenlock, who wants to marry Annika.

Not only is this situation terrifying because Wenlock is super old/insane, but Annika discovers that she had an older sister who was transformed into a PEGASUS when she refused to marry Wenlock. WHAT???

Not only is Annika being threatened by a crazy sorcerer, but she also had a sister she never knew about??? WHO WAS TURNED INTO A FLYING HORSE??? HUH???

Anyway, once Annika meets her sister Brietta, the two and Shiver the polar bear set off on an epic adventure to find the “Wand of Light”, an item that can make Brietta human again.

Unfortunately, the wand does not stop Wenlock and Annika agrees to marry him… until she’s able to break Wenlock’s spells and takes his powers away for good. Slay. 💅

Despite how INSANE the plot is, the film is overall enjoyable. Despite not mentioning him at all, Aidan (Ken) and Annika (Barbie) have such a great dynamic in this film. By far one of my favorite relationships in a Barbie movie. They’re both kind of mean to each other, it’s so funny!! 😂

Also, for 2005, the animation is fine? Very dated, but I’m sure it looked great at the time. I do love how dreamy this film looks. The colors are