One is a princess, one is a servant, yet they’re more alike than you’d think…

Barbie Princess and the Pauper has become somewhat of a cult classic in recent years for it’s endearing story and catchy musical numbers. Being associated with one of the most popular toy brands of all time, the average person might not expect much from this film- but I’d urge you to give it a chance as there’s a lot to love here.

Once upon a time, there were two girls born at the same time… one was a blonde princess named Anneliese and the other was a poor brunette named Erika. As the two grow up, both find themselves in conflict. Anneliese is being forced to marry someone she doesn’t love for the good of her kingdom, while Erika is being forced to repay her parents debt as an indentured servant. When Anneliese’s true love Julian takes her to have a moment of freedom, the two girls meet and realize they might have more in common than most might think.

It’s from here we get an exciting tale of life switching and saving with a soundtrack filled with memorable songs such as “Free”, “I Am a Girl Like You”, “To Be a Princess”, and my personal favorite “The Cat’s Meow.”