“You can tell she’s a princess. She doesn’t need a crown!”

Barbie is no stranger to the world of princesses. In her 17th CG animated film, Barbie returns to her royal roots by playing Blair Willows; a hardworking girl who has been chosen to attend the elite Princess Charm School. Long gone are Blair’s days of waitress jobs as she trades in her apron for a crown.

The movie is pretty basic. Blair’s a kind girl who works to provide for her sick adoptive mother and younger sister. It’s thanks to her baby sister Emily that Blair is entered into a lottery for a scholarship at the Princess Charm School. Royal hijinks ensue as Blair knows nothing about princess edict. Of course, our protagonist finds her place within this school of royals, makes friends, and even discovers that she might be royalty too.

This is your typical fish out of water story with some royal flair. Blair has to adjust to royal life and survive the fury of mean girls as she discovers her true self. Although simple, I think this movie is entertaining, nicely animated, and has some great morals! You don’t have to be royalty to be a true princess. The key is within your heart. <3