“I need to know that he loves me for just being me.”

Did you know that the company that made The Swan Princess is Christian?? I would’ve never guessed.

Once upon a time, two kingdoms each had one royal child. Queen Uberta has Prince Derek and King William has Princess Odette. Every summer, the two are forced to spend time together in the hope that they’ll fall in love and unite the two kingdoms forever… the only problem is that the two can’t stand each other for YEARS.

Meanwhile, the evil Rothbart swears revenge on King William after being banished from the kingdom for practicing The Forbidden Arts.

Derek and Odette do end up falling in love as young adults, but Odette is offended that Derek can’t say anything positive about her beyond her physical beauty. After rejecting Derek, Rothbart makes his grand return and kidnaps Odette. Keeping her captive at Swan Lake, Rothbart decides to turn Odette into a swan after she refuses to marry him.

In her new form, Odette tries to find Derek with the help of her animal friends in an attempt to become fully human again (and stop Derek from marrying an imposter… that’s a plot point).

The Swan Princess has an interesting story. I LOVE the setup between Odette and Derek, but I cannot blame Odette for not wanting to marry Derek- the man hardly has any redeeming qualities. 😭 Odette is shown to be strong, kind, and a quick thinker. She has interesting traits and I wish she was more than “the princess everyone wants to marry” because she has the potential to be really cool! 🙁

The animation is nice too. Not Disney quality, but nice overall. The parts of the film with musical numbers are especially well done.

Not much else to say about The Swan Princess. I’d recommend seeing it once. It’s not a bad film but it could be better. Most of the characters are forgettable and there are much better princess films to watch.