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(05/10/23) Well, class is almost over! I’ve enjoyed my time working on this website. While stressful, I learned a lot and enjoyed revisiting and writing about princess media! I hope you’ve found some enjoyment too. 🙂

(05/02/23) Hello readers! I’ve been making updates to the Movies page. I hope you’ll enjoy the reviews. If you follow my personal social media accounts, you’ll know that I’ve taken a hiatus for a few weeks to focus on school/mental health, but I’m making my way back! I love creating and you can find my social links on the Get To Know Me page. Stay Kind, Strong, and Beautiful.

(04/22/23) Hi everyone! The past few days have been very stressful, so here’s a reminder that you are Strong, Kind, and Beautiful! <3

(04/02/23) Hello! My name is Hope and welcome to my first blog post! This website is a school project, but I wanted to incorporate one of my interests into the assignment. I think there is so much more to princesses than meets the eye. The value of classic tales like Cinderella often gets lost in modern day retellings. There’s more to princesses than a pretty dress or being rescued by a prince. To whomever is reading, thank you for looking through my website and I hope you’ll find something that peaks your interest! 🙂